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This is Me, 5280​



​One square foot works with recycled materials and recollected consciousness. 



Freescape Paintings 

Paintings made by the will of poured paint, excavating memories of nature, epiphanies, and automatic inclinations. Gestalt and determinism facilitating emergence. 



Dream Schematic Drawings

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Drawings made in the surrealist tradition using traditional and digital media.​





Derto the Dreamer, from Planet Luxmonde, is here on Earth to show us what life was like way back in his dimension. A poetic tale of his journey, following dreams and persevering on a new path. The book is created as part of a gallery experience of  28 22x30 inch, and larger, sculpted-illuminated-acrylic paintings. There are hints of Earth's history, language and artistic influences along with various types of poetry to tell a story of perseverance. Includes 30 framed journal pages for your own creativity to flow!

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss future projects >>>
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