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In The Ripple Pond

In The Ripple Pond


In The Ripple Pond. Mixed Media on reclaimed panels. Triptych - 28x57 inches each. 2012. Inspired by atmospheric reflections and ponds in full bloom. Can we get back to those childhood summer days with endless discovery and appreciation for the magic surrounding us? 

  • Details

    The panels are an acoustic tile wrapped in woven fabric. They were salvaged from a commercial office demolition job I had for a while. They are lightweight, asbestos free, and help reduce the noise pollution levels in your home. I was more than happy to gain 33 canvases while keeping something out of the landfill... I call the method Rorschaching. I start with pouring gesso and paint on a horizontal surface, then once "mirrors" emerge, I start the conversation with the piece that reveals something unique about our relationship to the cosmos.
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